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Interactive 3D Models

Interactive 3D Models - 3D models with realtime interactive controls

At iCreate 3D we specialise in interactive 3D models, enabling users to interact with 3D models of architecture, property, products or anything else, in real time, with no need for any special hardware or software. As an experienced 3D property modelling studio, iCreate is well positioned to create interactive 3D models with the quality credentials of high end architectural walkthroughs and static CGI renderings.

3D Interactivity - present using interactive 3D models

Our interactive 3D models include photorealistic materials, lighting and rendering effects, but in a truly interactive environment. By publishing our 3D models in an interactive 3D format, users are able to zoom, rotate and tumble around the interactive models using a mouse, keyboard or touch screen display, giving back control of the viewing experience.

Interactive 3D Models and 3D visualisation

Forget 3D flythroughs – our interactive 3D models are a truly revolutionary way to present new buildings, places, products or designs, enabling diverse audiences to enjoy the flexibility offered by interactivity.

While 3D flythroughs and walkthroughs are a passive experience, our interactive 3D models are immersive and engaging, offering tremendous opportunities to those who wish to promote new property developments, sell real estate, market tourism destinations, or present new designs in an interactive 3D environment. Contact us today to find out how our interactive 3D models could work for you!

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