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3D Interactive Models

3D Interactive Models - 3D models with realtime interactive controls

3D has become truly interactive, thanks to breakthroughs in 3D interactive technology. At iCreate, we have developed a specialist interactive 3D solution called the iViewer, which makes 3D models interactive for the end-user, without the need for any special interactive 3D software. 3D interactive models are the ideal way to present new property developments, making 3D building models interactive and immersive.

3D Interactivity - 3D Interactive Models

Users can now tumble, rotate and zoom into 3D models in 3D space, using easy interactive 3D controls to navigate their own way around a 3D model. Rather than the passive experience of a traditional 3D fly through or architectural rendering, interactive models bring 3D into the 21st century, handing control back to the user and making 3D models truly accessible.

3D Interactive Models and 3D interactivity

At iCreate 3D ( our 3D interactive models are highly realistic, using advanced 3D modelling, lighting and rendering techniques to ensure a high quality interactive experience. Using similar technology to 3D interactive computer games, our interactive building models are a fantastic new way to present new property developments. For more information about how the iViewer could make your 3D models interactive, with no special hardware or software required, talk to iCreate 3D today!

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