3D Architectural Visualisation for architects and developers

3D Modelling of Buildings and Property

3D Modelling of Buildings and Property

At iCreate, we specialise in accurate 3D modelling of new buildings and property developments, breathing life into architectural plans and creating detailed and realistic 3D models of new architecture. 3D modelling is a powerful way to present new designs for buildings – both commercial and residential properties – making new developments seem real before they are built. Our 3D modelling expertise means that we can quickly and efficiently create 3D models of buildings from the architectural plans, applying realistic surface materials and landscaping to bring new property to life.

Accurate 3D Modeling of New Developments and Proposed Property Developers

If you’re looking for a firm to take care of the 3D modelling of your buildings, whether for marketing purposes or to support a planning permission application, our team of expert 3D modelling designers can help!  Established in 2003, iCreate is experienced at 3D modelling for the property sector, creating high quality static computer-generated images (CGIs) and lifelike 3D models of new property developments.

3D Modelling of New Buildings - Interiors and Exterior VIsualization

We understand the process of 3D modelling, making new buildings seem real and turning 2-d drawings into 3D models of new property that help to communicate a development to buyers, investors, planners and other decision-makers.

Architecture Visualization - bringing architectural designs to life in 3D

iCreate can help!

Talk to iCreate 3D today to discuss your 3D modelling requirements, and turn your plans for new buildings into virtual reality 3D models that everyone can understand and appreciate.

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